Why Invest With Us

With all of the investment options available today investors are looking for: Trust, Knowledge, Experience, Focus, Profitability and Risk Management.

Why Invest in Real Estate

A big benefit of real estate is that you make money 3 different ways. You make money when the value of your property increases either through general market...

What We Do

Our specialty is investing in multi-family real estate - specifically, 4 plexes and apartment buildings of 5 units to 12 units. We buy buildings that...

Joint Venture Partnerships

Joint Ventures (J/V's) can take many different forms but at Gran Sabana, we are looking to partner with individuals or corporations with capital to invest.

Current Projects

These are the properties that are currently owned by Gran Sabana either wholly or as part of a joint venture. The goal is to maximize profits through holding on...

Our Past Projects

These are projects that were owned at one time by Gran Sabana either wholly or as part of a joint venture. They are a mix of land development and new construction.

What We Do

Our specialty is investing in multi-family real estate.


Why Invest With Us

We have what investors are looking for.

Darcy Marler, President of Gran Sabana Investments Ltd, has owned 76 properties over the last 14 years worth close to $37M.

His skill set includes knowledge in accounting, negotiating real estate law...

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At Gran Sabana we help people make money from real estate. Let us do the hard work while you take advantage of the incredible benefits that real estate has to offer. Our experience and our proven systems make it simple. Over the past 14 years we have owned 76 properties worth close to $37 million.

Real estate is an excellent way to maximize your investment returns while minimizing the risks. When compared to the stock market, bonds or mutual funds, real estate is a safe way to save for your retirement. Take control of your future today through real estate, passively, without the day to day involvement. We invite you to spend some time browsing our website, familiarizing yourself with our company and our approach. Call or email us today for more information on how you can become involved in one of our exciting properties.

We Know How To Do It Right

We purchase our properties in the right location. Mostly, though, we are proactive and drive value through the appropiate renovations. That old real estate maxim of "you make money when you buy and not when you sell" is very true.